Monday, February 6, 2012

Thank God it's Monday!

Hello Friends,

The weekend is over and Monday is here! Many of us will crib about it. A research says that people are most happy on Fridays as the weekend approaches and that leaves with the inference that many people are most discouraged on Monday! Why are we discouraged, is it because we have to go back to work or school, because we have to do what our bosses and teachers tell us or is it because we have decided to be unhappy on Mondays? You will be surprised to know that the last option holds more true than the former two. We have decided to be unhappy and that's why we are unhappy on Mondays and the same holds true on Fridays, we decide to be happy and so we become happy! What happens if your boss gives you a good news that you are promoted when you go to the office on Monday? Won't your demeanor change? or on a Friday, you were told that the dinner party arranged at your friend's home is cancelled, won't that spoil your weekend?

External stimuli will have little power over us if we change our responses to it. Despite being Monday when I decide to be thankful to God for showing me another day and thank him for my job or school and decide to give my best shot at work and go with that attitude, happiness will overtake me. So the challenge is, change your response and your outcome will change! It's Monday, thank God, it is! Smile, step out with a heart of gratitude and serenade along the journey you take on today! 

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