Friday, February 3, 2012

Celebrate Today!

Life is all about celebrations! We celebrate when a new life enters this planet earth. We celebrate the completion of every year in our lives. We celebrate at a friend's marriage, we celebrate our political party's victory, moreover, we celebrate Christmas, Diwali, Id, New Year and other festivities. But do we always need a reason outside to celebrate? That would mean our celebrations are limited to external forces.
What I am trying to tell you is to celebrate today! In whatever place, situation and time you are in it is a moment to celebrate! Well Am I telling you something that's illogical? No, look at you! Celebrate yourself as a child of God! Celebrate that you are alive, celebrate that you have school to go to! Celebrate that you have a job! Celebrate that you have a family! Celebrate that your breath has not stopped! Celebrate that you still can change the situation around you, if you wish to do so!
So what's stopping you! Sing, Dance, Shout! don't worry about others. Celebrations should be inspired from within and carried outside. It's not the other way round. Be proactive!  Celebrate your life and you will have more reasons to celebrate.

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