Thursday, February 23, 2012

Celebrate Today! Investing

As I travel to my college campus, I encounter many farms on the way. I many times see some farmers sowing seeds in their farm. If they don't, they won't get the harvest or the harvest they get won't be the desired one! That makes me think we are all sowing seeds at our home, workplace, relations etc. The quality of investing or sowing will decide the outcome or the harvest. What types of seeds are we sowing in the following areas, Family, Health, Professional Life, Spiritual Life, Finance, Security, Relations with Friends, Relatives, Colleagues, Superiors, Juniors.
Friends, What you sow is what you reap. If we sow good seeds, seeds of proactive behavior, love, kindness, joy, empathy, care, empathetic listening, understanding then we will reap the harvest of Satisfaction, happiness, Security, good health, good relations, progress in job, love and appreciation. Let's know everyday we have to sow the desired seeds or we will get an harvest that would be undesirable!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Celebrate Today! The Art of Thanksgiving

It is amazing what two words if said from bottom of our hearts can do. 'Thank you' the words are simple and even a cliche to many because we underestimate their power and use it as formality. Today I would like to encourage you to say them as you meant it from your heart, 'Thank you'. As I get up in the morning I have millions of reasons to thank the Almighty. Thank you God for the good night rest, thank you for the new day, thank you for my breath, thank you for the water to bathe, thank you for my wife, my daughter and their love. Thank you for my parents and my siblings and their support. Thank you for my job, thank you for the transport that takes me to and fro. Thank you for my boss, superiors, colleagues, juniors and all at work place. Thank you for the challenges I face today for they make me strong. Thank you for the unfavorable circumstances surrounding me for you trust me to overcome them. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Thank you for your goodness and mercy carries me through. Thank you, Thank you...! 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Celebrate Today! What do I do?

The weekend is here! I long to be with my family and especially my two year daughter, Jemimah! I have a 3 days break as Monday happens to be one of the major Indian festivals. I look forward to spend time with my family and relax!
But then my seniors at the college where I work want me to come during the weekend as our College Annual function is due. We have extra work to be done to prepare ourselves for it. What do I do?
Well, I find a midway! I tell the authorities that I would be there after completing some of my home duties early in the morning. While doing my duties like getting the cooking gas, doing the bank work, I take my daughter with me, so I can spend some time with her as she enjoys my company and longs to be with me. I finish these duties, promise my wife to go out with them in the evening (my wife is very supportive) and then I dash off to the college where I will try to complete the extra work sitting with my seniors.
The point I am making is this, in every given circumstances we have choice, and on our choices depends our destiny. When I give my extra to the workplace, the seniors would realize my importance and it will establish my good will and way for progress at the workplace but while doing this I also take care not to hamper my family life. I make sure to spend whatever time I can with them.
Friends as Jack Canfield says Event + Response = Outcome. So next time don't react but respond intelligently to situations or events you face. Take Responsibility and responsibility is nothing but our ability to choose our response!  Happy Weekend! 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Celebrate Today! Walking over the waves

Our mind when calm is very much like the peaceful waters. When the water is peaceful, you can safely sail over it to get to your destination. But when the mind is turbulent like the troubled waves, then it takes you and throw you where it wills. Though I respect turbulent times as they saying goes, "Calm waters never made skillful sailors." But mastering the waves is a skill and so is mastering your mind. When you learn to quieten your mind, you are on a higher frequency, closer to the intelligence and leading of your Sub-conscious mind. A calm mind makes you master over yourself while a troubled mind will master you and lead you waywardly.
How do we calm our minds? Take regular Quiet Time in the morning, read something inspirational, practice deep breathing and meditation, listen to soft music, wander early in the midst of nature and just admire the beauty around you. Great people like Jesus did miracles like walking on water, that was the picture of his mind so calm and connected to God that he was a Master over himself. So the question arises, Do we choose to master ourselves today or be the slaves of our mind's whims and fancies? Here's a great saying from the Bible,
"One who conquers himself is better than one who conquers cities." Quieten your mind, master it, be a conqueror!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Ten Commandments Interpreted

Introduction: The Ten Commandments are immutable laws that when followed would lead one to the path of joy, fulfillment and success. The Church has interpreted the commandments focusing more on God and human relation to God. That’s very true and we need to adhere to the teaching. But here I present the other Metaphysical interpretation of the laws.

1.      You shall have no other gods before Yahweh.
Don’t make others god, God dwells in you, in I am, respecting yourself is respecting God your Creator.

2.      You shall not make any idols.
Don’t idolize others, remember it’s good to be motivated by successful people but inspiration comes from within and you can be successful too. Don’t give your strength and power to others. God prefers you to be original, he doesn’t want you to be a clone.

3.      Don’t take the name of Yahweh in vain.
Don’t use negative connotations with ‘I am’ e.g. I am worthless, I am failure etc…. Doing this is disrespecting your Creator who made you in his image and worth.

4.      Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.
Give one day to yourself, Six days you work for your organization, your family’s well being. But one day you got to keep for yourself. Love, cuddle and rejuvenate yourself.

5.      Honor your father and mother.
Know that your parents brought you forth they are in a sense responsible for your creation, respect them, dishonoring them is dishonoring the law of sowing and reaping and the harvest. Know you are in the right family, at the right time and place. Don’t blame or regret your past, respect and be grateful for it.

6.      Do not murder.
Creation is of God, and we are co-creators meant to create not destroy God’s, our own or other’s creation.

7.      Do not commit adultery.
What you have is admirable and beautiful. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Learn to appreciate the beauty in the person God has given as yours.

8.      Do not steal.
Steal is losing originality in creation that God has bestowed in each one of us. You don’t need to steal, you can create better things by learning, envisioning and positive actions.

9.      Do not lie.
Don’t use negative words that depreciate. When you say, ‘I am not worthy’ , ‘I can’t’ ‘The situation or person is hopeless’, you are lying. Look again with God’s eyes and change your language to positive one.

10.  Do not covet.
‘You get not what you want or covet but what you are’ You don’t have to look at what others have and covet. When you focus on ‘want’, you get ‘want’. Know God in you has fulfilled all your needs, already. Let your focus be on ‘I am’.

Conclusion: Cecil B.D. Mille the Director of ‘The Ten Commandments’ movie said, ‘These laws are immutable in a sense that a person cannot break them and will only succeed breaking himself or herself in the process of trying so.” That’s true, they are universal and found in the Bible and even in other religious scriptures of the world. Remember if we truly live by the commandments, the commandments will truly help us to live. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Celebrate Today! What's in a name?

What's in a name? You know these words by the famous Dramatist of all times, Shakespeare. I would prefer to differ and say that the way we name things or people means everything. We should be careful how we name things, people or circumstances for that matter. Many times the tendency is to name with a high intensity toward the negative. So when you try something and fail you may call yourself 'hopeless', or facing a seeming crises you may shout, 'I am done for!' You may call your child who does some mistake as 'donkey'. Friends, words have power to make or break!
Today try to nominate things you encounter with better option, instead of 'difficulty' call it 'challenge' or even 'opportunity', instead of 'wrong' call it 'different from the given standard', instead of 'I am okay' say 'I am doing great.' Instead of saying to somebody 'you are wrong',  say 'you are different from the given standard.' Your words will have power to govern over your life, somebody else's life or even govern the situation you are facing. It will make you feel better, make you  believe in your ability and most important impart joy and life to others and help you turn around the situation in your favor.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Celebrate Today- Choose your life!

Today we have a choice and that is going to decide the outcome of our day. We have a choice to be happy or sad, to be have thougths that are healthy, joyous, blessed and encouraging or the choice is to have thoughts that are ill, depressing, cursed and discouraging. As you wake up from your bed, as you sit for your breakfast, as you speak with your spouse, friends, colleagues and superiors you will always have this choice at your disposal. If the external stimuli from the circumstances and people around you is negative, you have a choice to accept it and spoil your day or you can choose to respond differently by your commitment to happiness, love, blessings and health.
Remember this is a universe of vibrations. You have the higher frequecny of blessedness and the lower of cursedness. You connect to the frequencies by your thoughts. What thoughts are you choosing today? What is your frequency? How is your day today? Remember you have the power to change and influence your day! Choose life today. Celebrate!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Thank God it's Monday!

Hello Friends,

The weekend is over and Monday is here! Many of us will crib about it. A research says that people are most happy on Fridays as the weekend approaches and that leaves with the inference that many people are most discouraged on Monday! Why are we discouraged, is it because we have to go back to work or school, because we have to do what our bosses and teachers tell us or is it because we have decided to be unhappy on Mondays? You will be surprised to know that the last option holds more true than the former two. We have decided to be unhappy and that's why we are unhappy on Mondays and the same holds true on Fridays, we decide to be happy and so we become happy! What happens if your boss gives you a good news that you are promoted when you go to the office on Monday? Won't your demeanor change? or on a Friday, you were told that the dinner party arranged at your friend's home is cancelled, won't that spoil your weekend?

External stimuli will have little power over us if we change our responses to it. Despite being Monday when I decide to be thankful to God for showing me another day and thank him for my job or school and decide to give my best shot at work and go with that attitude, happiness will overtake me. So the challenge is, change your response and your outcome will change! It's Monday, thank God, it is! Smile, step out with a heart of gratitude and serenade along the journey you take on today! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Celebrate Today!

Life is all about celebrations! We celebrate when a new life enters this planet earth. We celebrate the completion of every year in our lives. We celebrate at a friend's marriage, we celebrate our political party's victory, moreover, we celebrate Christmas, Diwali, Id, New Year and other festivities. But do we always need a reason outside to celebrate? That would mean our celebrations are limited to external forces.
What I am trying to tell you is to celebrate today! In whatever place, situation and time you are in it is a moment to celebrate! Well Am I telling you something that's illogical? No, look at you! Celebrate yourself as a child of God! Celebrate that you are alive, celebrate that you have school to go to! Celebrate that you have a job! Celebrate that you have a family! Celebrate that your breath has not stopped! Celebrate that you still can change the situation around you, if you wish to do so!
So what's stopping you! Sing, Dance, Shout! don't worry about others. Celebrations should be inspired from within and carried outside. It's not the other way round. Be proactive!  Celebrate your life and you will have more reasons to celebrate.