Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Ten Commandments Interpreted

Introduction: The Ten Commandments are immutable laws that when followed would lead one to the path of joy, fulfillment and success. The Church has interpreted the commandments focusing more on God and human relation to God. That’s very true and we need to adhere to the teaching. But here I present the other Metaphysical interpretation of the laws.

1.      You shall have no other gods before Yahweh.
Don’t make others god, God dwells in you, in I am, respecting yourself is respecting God your Creator.

2.      You shall not make any idols.
Don’t idolize others, remember it’s good to be motivated by successful people but inspiration comes from within and you can be successful too. Don’t give your strength and power to others. God prefers you to be original, he doesn’t want you to be a clone.

3.      Don’t take the name of Yahweh in vain.
Don’t use negative connotations with ‘I am’ e.g. I am worthless, I am failure etc…. Doing this is disrespecting your Creator who made you in his image and worth.

4.      Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.
Give one day to yourself, Six days you work for your organization, your family’s well being. But one day you got to keep for yourself. Love, cuddle and rejuvenate yourself.

5.      Honor your father and mother.
Know that your parents brought you forth they are in a sense responsible for your creation, respect them, dishonoring them is dishonoring the law of sowing and reaping and the harvest. Know you are in the right family, at the right time and place. Don’t blame or regret your past, respect and be grateful for it.

6.      Do not murder.
Creation is of God, and we are co-creators meant to create not destroy God’s, our own or other’s creation.

7.      Do not commit adultery.
What you have is admirable and beautiful. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Learn to appreciate the beauty in the person God has given as yours.

8.      Do not steal.
Steal is losing originality in creation that God has bestowed in each one of us. You don’t need to steal, you can create better things by learning, envisioning and positive actions.

9.      Do not lie.
Don’t use negative words that depreciate. When you say, ‘I am not worthy’ , ‘I can’t’ ‘The situation or person is hopeless’, you are lying. Look again with God’s eyes and change your language to positive one.

10.  Do not covet.
‘You get not what you want or covet but what you are’ You don’t have to look at what others have and covet. When you focus on ‘want’, you get ‘want’. Know God in you has fulfilled all your needs, already. Let your focus be on ‘I am’.

Conclusion: Cecil B.D. Mille the Director of ‘The Ten Commandments’ movie said, ‘These laws are immutable in a sense that a person cannot break them and will only succeed breaking himself or herself in the process of trying so.” That’s true, they are universal and found in the Bible and even in other religious scriptures of the world. Remember if we truly live by the commandments, the commandments will truly help us to live. 

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  1. Thats great interpretation.
    Lately I just thought we may also adhere to the simple basic truths that God intended us to know. There is truth in simplicity and simplicity in Truth! Good going Sohan.