Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Good Teacher

A Good Teacher
Introduction: Do you want to understand a good teacher? Go to a potter maker or a sculptor and observe the art of sculpting a statuette or making a pot. You would find a wonderful imagery of teacher moulding a students life. 5th September of every year is celebrated as a Teacher’s Day in the Indian subcontinent. It is done to honor the first Vice-President of Independent India and the second President of Independent India Dr. Radhakrishnan. This day gives us all a chance to celebrate and honor our teachers who have had a major part in moulding and making our lives. This article which will survey the qualities of a good teacher, is a humble tribute to the noble profession of teaching of which I am a part and also to all my teachers who have played a major part in my life to make me what I am.
A good teacher is a good student: The relationship between a student and teacher is undivided. There can be no teacher without students. Every teacher was once a student. A good teacher is a good student evolved.
If you are planning to enter the noble profession of teaching remember the very first requirement is that you should be a good student and remain a student all your life. By that statement I mean, that you should always be open to learn more and more about your subject. Knowledge is in state of evolution at all times and you should also evlove as a teacher. You should get better and better and possess the thirst of knowing and learning more. To be a good teacher , there is no substitute to evolving and upgrading yourself everyday.

A good teacher is a good friend: To be a good teacher, you should be able to maintain a friendly relation with your students. You should learn to make them feel comfortable in your presence. You should not appear to be dominating and ovebearing authority.
You should be able to maintain a balance between discipline and fun. If you are overbearing and dominating, there is danger of alienating the student from learning the subject forever. You as a teacher are the Ambassador of the Subject you are dealing with. So tread carefully. A student should not stop learning a subject, because he did not like his teacher or because he bears a grunt against his teacher. So laugh, have fun, play games. Be creative in your approach of teaching. But while doing this you also draw a line of discipline which the students should know that they are forbiddent to cross. If you befriend your students, you are helping them to love and learn the subject efficiently.

A good teacher is a good leader: Remember when you decided to be a teacher, you have automatically donned the role of leading the students. You are either leading the students in the right or the wrong path. But there is no denying to the fact that you are a leader who is leading them.
As a good leader is a visionary, so you should be too. You should decide where you want to lead the students at the end of the course, where should they be standing. So chalk out the direction you want to lead them in and then walk on it as they slowly follow you. As a leader be pointer to direction that the students ought to take, but also lead by an example. If the students find that your path is different than that you teach, they won’t follow your teachings and instructions. So lead by an example.

A good teacher allows mistake: As a good teacher remember that your classroom is a labrotary where students would experiment with different things and make mistakes. Allow them to make mistakes.
If you expect them to be perfect in the classroom, then they are no students at all, they have attained mastery. A student learn by trial and error method. Students should be allowed to make mistakes, but also they should not ignore the mistake, you ought to point to them where and why they went wrong and help them to befriend their mistakes and learn from them. As a good teacher, mistakes would be assisting you in teaching the students. They learn more from their mistakes, if allowed than anything else.

A good teacher bridges the gap between theory and practice: This point is very important for being a successful teacher. You could be a good teacher, you could be an intelligent teacher that quotes from Shakespeare or knows the in and outs of the Pythagoras Theroem but if you are not going to show the students how it is practically helpful, you are building castles in the air.
Students can only learn well if they are taught and shown how the subject you are teaching is practically helpful for them. Try to relate your theories to the practical world and you will be surprised how quickly the student would grasp the concepts. To teach about the burning passion of desire to be successful, Socrates once took a student in a river and drowned his face in the water so that he could not breathe. He took him out and asked, “What was one thing that you desired more under water?” The obvious reply was “Air”. Socrates replied, “When you want success with the same burning passion, you will be successful.” That’s bridging the gap of understanding between the theory and the practical.

A good teacher is a teacher who inspires: Finally let me conclude by giving one the most important part at the end. A good teacher is a teacher who inspires students.
There are many people, circumstance, events in this world that pull down or depress a student. So students out there are in need of motivation. You got to give him that motivation, that inspiration. The opposite of inspire is expire. If your students are not inspired, they are as well as dead. So you got to put life in them. You got to show them hope, not a vague dream or a fantasy.
A good teacher will help student find his or her hidden potentials, he will point out his weakness and encourage the student to take necessary action to eliminate his or her weaknesses and give fuel to his strenghts. You could motivate students by telling them great stories of great people, through your own exempalary life, by being at their side when they need you the most. A good teacher will always be available to go the extra mile for his students.
Conclusion: Let me conclude by this quote: A mediocre teacher tells, a good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates but a great teacher inspires. Happy Teacher’s Day!
Joy be all yours.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to start your day?

How to start your day?
Introduction: “Well begun is half done” so goes the maxim. It tells us the importance of a good start. It is vital in every field. If your team scores the important runs or points in the beginning, you are off to a confident game play ahead and have good chances to win the game. The pilots know that for a good voyage, the plane has to take off well from the terra- firma. A hundred meters sprinter would value the importance of a good start the most, if he starts quick and well than it becomes easy for him to take the lead and touch the finishing line before others. If we take this principle and apply it to our lives and master the art of starting our day well, we would have a more fulfilled, satisfying and accomplishing day in our lives. Below I am giving 10 tips that would go a long way to help you to start your day well.
1. Rise early: The beauty of a day is at its peak at the earliest. Don’t waste that beauty by getting up late. If you rise early, you would have plenty of time for yourself. The common complain is, “I don’t have enough time”. Let me ask you who has? You may be a king or a pauper but all have the gift of 24 hours in day and we can manage our time properly by rising early. Rising early would keep you more fresh and alive for the whole part of the day.
2. Rise with gratitude: This is very important. When you rise, you got to be thankful to God for the beautiful day ahead. You should shout like the writer in Bible, “This is the day, that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Thank God that he has kept you alive for the day and you have the pirvilege to live and experience the day that many did not have. Your attitude at the start of the day will decide your tone for the rest of the day.
3. Exercise: “Take care of your body, for it is the only place you have to live in.” says, Jim Rohn. Invest the early hours of the day of taking time for yourself, for your good health. Go for some physical activity, like jogging, walking, swimming, weight training, yoga, stretching etc. Do whatever, you feel good and alive to do. Exercise need not be for long time. 20 minutes of exercise at the start would go a long way to keep you healthy, fit and oxygenated for the rest of the day.
4. Quiet Time: “Silence is golden, speech silvern” says an ancient proverb. Before you rush into the hustle and bustle of the day be sure to spend some quality time in silence. In this time maybe 20 minutes everyday, you could meditate, visualize, do deep breathing exercise, read something encouraging. Be at a place where no one can disturb you. You could also go outdoors if appropriate. In silence, hear God’s voice guiding you. Seek it inside your heart not on the outside. There is a spark of divinity in each one of us. We should take time to connect and get wisdom for living and making decisions from this divine connection. In Quiet Time, you would do well to give exercise to your spirit.
5. Read or hear something positive: To set a positive tone for the day be not in a hurry to rush for the morning newspaper or the T.V. set for the news. The News media today is more interested in the negative news. Of course you can keep in touch with the world around you through these mediums. But morning time is precious, read or hear something positive. A motivational book, scriptures to motivate you, a motivational talk of 5 minutes. What you take in during the early hours of the day will mould you and make your attitude for the rest of the day.
6. Replace negative thoughts with positive: Usually when we wake up and are up to performing our morning duties like brushing teeth, bathing etc. we tend to think and worry about the day ahead or remember where we went wrong yesterday and what opportunities we missed. Replace these worries and negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Whenever you have such thoughts start singing or do something that will distract your mind from concentrating on the negative. Once you do that now replace it with a positive thought and start focusing on it.
7. Have a King’s breakfast: One should have a breakfast like a king is a common wisdom. Your body needs the essentials nutrients at the start of the day to provide you energy for the rest of the day. Replenish your body with a good breakfast and plenty of water. Don’t skip this or ignore this. It will go a long way to keep you in good health throughout the day. Watch what you eat, instead of snacks, settle for a full and wholesome diet.
8. Plan and set goals: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, If you start you day without knowing what and when to do something, you would spend the rest of the day in wasting your time and being confused. So plan what would you do from the time you set your foot in your office or the college. Keep some breaks in between two important tasks where you could find some time to refresh yourself for the further task. Let the break be not more than 10 minutes. Concentrate on doing the important and that which sounds difficult first. Also know your prime time of the day when you are able to concentrate at your best, keep important things in this prime time.
9. Decide to give your very best: Before you begin or step out into the new day, decide to give your best shot in everything you will be doing today. Don’t think of yesterday or tomorrow. Just think of today. If you are going to meet clients for a sale, decide to give your best efforts to make and close a sale. If you are going to attend a lecture, decide to give yourself fully to hear the lecture and learn something new today. Decide to live in this day as if it is going to be the last day of your life.
10. Step out and conquer: Friends, lastly, if you do all the above, you will be now fully prepared to take on the day. So don’t forget to venture out. “The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.” So take that step out of your home. No matter you may have something difficult to face today, go ahead and face it. Sometimes the worries of things to come are worse than the real incidents. Better to go out and fail by trying than never try at all. Let me assure you if you start well you would also fair well in whatever you take in your hands for the day.
Joy be all yours.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ten tips to make better first impression

Ten tips to make a better first impression
Introduction: Marketing is the order of the day. Whether it is a product advertisement that is bombarded at every commercial break on the Television or marketing your skills and talents for you to acquire that coveted job everyone is into marketing. The youth of today is more conscious about how he or she can make a better first impression in an interview, in a college among friends, or at the annual social function. So here are some tips to make a better first impression:

1. Smile! It only takes 7 muscles to smile while more than 50 to frown. Smile is the cheapest and best cosmetic in the world that would greatly enhance your face – value.

2. Dress: You should dress according to the occasion. If you are a professional or appearing for an interview, formals are a must. College and other casual occasions, you could settle for Casuals. Wear what comforts you and suits you well rather than copying what your Actors wear.

3. Words: You shall be judged by the words of your mouth. This rule applies everywhere. Words are the photo images of what goes on in your heart. So use kind words, avoid invectives at all costs. Use positive and encouraging words so that your personality will become attractive and draw more friends. “Please”, “Sorry”, “Thank you” and “Excuse me” are four magic words that do wonders. Don’t forget to use them appropriately.

4. Appreciate: Appreciate God for giving you life. Appreciate your parents for providing and nurturing you, appreciate your friends for being there when you needed them, appreciate your enemies for they will show what lacks in you, so that you can work on it. Appreciation on lips will be like a sweet honey dripping out of your lips that would draw others to you.

5. Be selfless: Don’t always think of yourself. Don’t pity yourself and your condition. Take time out for others; lend a helping hand to your friends, colleagues, teachers, boss and parents. When you help others, you forget your worries and cares and it greatly enhances your self confidence.

6. Radiate Optimism: It has been now scientifically tested and proved that positive thinkers thrive better than pessimistic people in all areas of their life. Thoughts make a man or woman say the ancient Scriptures. Thoughts will influence your actions, habits, character and destiny. Look at the glass half full, blossom like the rose flower on thorns and make others smile.

7. Read good Literature: “Successful people have libraries; others big Plasma screens in their homes”, says Jim Rohn (Motivational Speaker). Read at least one good book per month that would encourage you to the next level and increase also your vocabulary and knowledge. A well read person stands out of the common crowd. Read self help books, biographies of great personalities and good literature.

8. Play: Get into the habit of playing one game that would give you physical exercise. Take time out daily to jog, play soccer, or squash that would enhance your physique. Exercise will not only keep you in shape, it would relax you mentally and oxygenate your body, giving you better concentration and mental strength.

9. Inculcate good habits: It is a myth that youngsters that smoke and drink look cool. The opposite is true. You would greatly degrade your self image among friends and society by getting into smoking, drugs and drinks. It would also harm your health in the long term. So give up bad habits! Eat healthier food, drink healthier drinks. Good health would naturally attract others.

10. Be yourself: Finally be yourself. Don’t be a copy cat. Clones and clowns have limitations. You are original and unique. Your looks are unique, your skills and talents are unique. You need not be the other. So relax! Don’t waste your time in copying and trying to be the other. Appreciate yourself and be yourself.

Joy be all yours.


Monday, August 9, 2010


ResponsibilityIntroduction: Responsibility can be very well defined as “the ability to choose one’s response to the event he or she encounters.” Are you happy in life? Are your relations pleasurable and meaningful? Is your work satisfying and gives you a high? Are you healthy in your mind and body? Are you studying the right course that’s taking you towards your desired goal in life? Are you content and satisfied with all the areas of your life? Are you contributing to the society and humanity on this planet?
I know many of the questions would be difficult for you to reply, especially in the affirmative. Well if you are not satisfied about the outcome in your life in even one of the areas mentioned above, then this article is for you.

Understanding Responsibility: Human beings are specially endowed by God with the gift of choosing their responses. Animals have limited response- ability. If you try to hit a dog with a stick, it’s going to do one of the two things, run or make you run (by attacking you). It has limited response giving capacity.
But we as human beings have greater abilities to choose our responses to the events that we encounter in life. That’s why Jesus in Bible says, if someone strikes you on one cheek, turn the other, if someone takes your tunic, give him your coat too and if someone forces you to walk some distance, walk a mile with him.
Gandhi echoed what Jesus says in the Bible, especially the phrase, “turning the cheek”. But many people have misinterpreted and misunderstood what the great people before us have told us. Understanding that you alone are responsible for your actions and the outcome thereof will give you a greater degree of freedom. You won’t feel trapped by the circumstances outside and people to decide your mood or actions. You know that you can now choose your mood or actions to the events and people you encounter in life.

Benefits of Responsibility: As stated above once you are aware of the fact that you can choose your response; it would afford you a greater degree of freedom in all areas of your life. No longer are you dependent whether the climate is sunny or cloudy today, you are not dependent on your wife and boss or colleagues to make your day and you can be happy despite of the fact that they did not treat you well, because you are choosing your response.
You won’t wait for the boss to increase you perks and salary to do good work, which would be depending on the stimulus to boost a positive response. You will do your work sincerely and give your best shot each time because you have chosen your response.
The results will be seen in the long term. Soon people will find you to be the most attractive person; they will want to know how you can be so happy and content. Your boss and your spouse will start noticing you that your responses are different and positive even when they treat you unfairly. The result will be that when it comes for promotion in the company the boss will have your name first on his list. Your spouse will start changing his or her behavior toward you and you will experience a more peaceful and happy family life. You will feel to be in more control of your life than anytime; you will feel genuine freedom for the first time.

How to be Responsible: Now let’s come to the most important point and see what steps we can take toward being more responsible in life.
First becoming aware of the right knowledge is winning half the battle. This article is aimed at that. You are being made aware of the fact that your life is and will be proportional to the responses you give to the events you encounter in life and the good news is that we can choose our responses. Once you are aware of this fact, the next time you encounter anything you will now know that you can always choose, you always do have a choice to make. So when your doctor has advised you to pull down the extra pounds that you carry and the next time you encounter a situation where you are offered a chocolate cake, you know what to do.
Secondly become a proactive person. Don’t wait for events to happen to you for taking actions. Don’t wait till you get debt ridden to save money, don’t wait to spend time with your family till the divorced is filed, don’t wait for the boss to serve you a memo for completing your target clients, don’t wait for the medical reports to sound the danger signal to take time to exercise. In FIFA 2010, I noticed that many good teams played passively without much attacking the opponents. They were awakened to attack only when goals were scored against them but by that time it was too late and they lost.
Thirdly, evaluate yourself for your actions throughout the day. You could do this exercise at the end of the day in the late evening or before you go off to bed. Run the day’s events through your mind and see how you reacted to different events at home, office, school, college etc. Did you choose nobler responses or were your actions motivated by emotions, people and circumstances. If you fail in some areas, become aware of them, forgive yourself and resolve to do better the next time.

Conclusion: I love the poem “Abu Ben Adhem” by Leigh Hunt. Abu Ben Adhem is the head of his tribe. He loves and serves his people faithfully; moreover he loves and serves God. One day an angel visits him in his dream, the angel seems to be writing in a book of gold. Abu musters up his courage to ask what is that he is writing. The angel replies that he is writing the names of those ‘who love the Lord.’ Abu’s name deserves to be there so he asks whether his name is one in the list. To his dismay he is given a negative reply. But watch now how Abu chooses his responses, “Cheerily still” he tells the angel to write his name as ‘one who loves His fellowmen”. Abu though discouraged doesn’t stop responding with love and service and the angel visits him second time and shows him the golden book and the list of all those ‘whom the love of the Lord had blest’, the poem ends in climax, “And lo! Ben Adhem’s name led all the rest” God has rewarded him by putting his name as the first person that deserves God’s love and blessing. And all this because Abu Ben Adhem has chosen the right response to the event he encounters. So friends, the next time you encounter anything, know that you have the freedom to choose your response and in your choice lies your happiness, fulfillment and liberty. “Between the stimulus and the response there lies a gap and in that gap lies our greatest freedom, the freedom to choose and on our choice depends our happiness and freedom in life” Victor Frankl.
Joy be all yours.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Champions: The stuff they are made of.

Champions: The stuff they are made of

Introduction: Champions! We see them everywhere. We adore them, we love them and we secretly envy them. We all desire to be like them. We all have our own idols who are champions in different capacities and areas but let me at the outset tell you something, that you are a champion! Yes, that’s true. You have it in you (though you may not have realized it) to be a champion. That’s how the Intelligent Creator of this Universe, God has designed you and that’s what he has purposed you for. The challenge for everyone of us is to realize this that we are champions, we have in us the stuff that champions are made up of, if we are willing to work on it and bring it up to fulfill our dreams and goals in life. This article will make you aware of the qualities as a champion that you need to nurture, develop and demonstrate.
1. Champions are dreamers: When we probe the lives of Champions, we see one common trait in all of them i.e. the ability to dream big. Yes, Champions are those who dare to dream big. They are not content to be where they are. So they always dream about the place, the Promised Land where they would stand one day as Champions.
They are not just wishers. We all wish for a better future, a better job, a better boss, a better income, a better savings, a better spouse, a better world, but rarely we are willing to make necessary changes in us so that things would start getting better with our world. If you fall into this category, then you are no more than a well- wisher. But Champions are dreamers not only do they wish for better life but take appropriate actions for it starting with their own lives. Yes, for a better job conditions they start to give 110% at their work place, for a better spouse they start loving their spouses selflessly, for better income they start saving their 10% of the income, for a better boss they start being a better employee, for better health they start eating healthy food and exercising everyday.
Mark Spitz the winner of 7 gold medals at swimming events in Munich Olympics in 1972 used to spend 8 hours everyday under water. This he continued to do 365 days a year without holidays, and for many years he put this as a regular practice, the result is that a champion was born. How many of us are willing to be a Mark Spitz?
How many of us are willing to be under water everyday even 1 hour. We wish to be a champion and have it in us to be one but many people remain mediocre because they aren’t willing to pay the price for their dreams. Champions not only dream big but go for their dreams, they give their all for achieving their dreams and when their dreams are fulfilled the world knows a new Champion.
2. Champions are Focused: Focus is what keeps Champions on the course of their dreams. Focus is what keeps them motivated when they feel down and the circumstances are against them. Focus is what makes Champions out of common people. The second trait that Champions have is Focus. First they dream big, formulate goals and then they focus on their goals.
Focus is important to be successful at any endeavor in life. If you want to realize the power of focus, take a magnifying glass and expose it to the sunlight. Allow the sun rays to pass through the glass and hold a paper under the glass. The sunlight that is scattered is now focused and targeted on the paper and lo, the paper burns! That shows the power of focus. When you are focused, you will be able to do great things and Champions realize this.
Focus is wonderfully explained in the bright quote by Stephen Covey as, “The main thing is to keep the main thing as the main thing” When you are focused you know what comes as the main thing in life and at all times and every circumstances your thoughts, words and actions are guided by this main thing. In other words you eat, drink and sleep on it..
Focus helps you not to get off the track at any time and even when you do, you are quick to realize it and come back on the track. Focus is like waking on the rope, you cannot afford to step out of the line or you are down. Why could Mark Spitz dare to remain underwater for eight hours daily for years together is that he was completely focused on his goals the Olympic gold medals.
3. Champions are risk-takers: Champions have the courage to take risk to realize their dreams. That is the other trait we find in them. Risk taking could be defined as, “the courage to come out of one’s comfort zone”.
Yes, Champions are willing to come out of their comfort zone. They are willing to stretch themselves out of their comfort zone and in the process of stretching themselves out of their comfort zone, they learn to grow. We all have our own comfort zones.
Our comfort zones could be our families that we don’t want to be far from, our city that we have lived in all our lives, our work place and the pay- check that it gives us, it could be our old habits that die hard, it could be our unwillingness to embrace new change because we dread to change our state and are unsure of our future. Champions grow themselves out of their comfort zones, they surely feel the same insecurity initially while moving out of their comfort zones, but they feel the fear and do it anyway.
Champions could be called Entrepreneurs in the modern sense of the term. Just as Entrepreneurs venture out and take risk in starting a new business project, so do Champions take risks. But Champions also calculate the possibilities that could turn out after the risk is taken. In other words Champions take calculated risks but they dare to take risks and that is what distinguishes them from the common crowd.
We do know that the Eagle is a bird that flies at a higher altitude than other birds. Do you know how a Mother Eagle trains her eaglets to fly? When they come of certain age, she just pushes them out of their nests and they start falling down. On the way down they learn to flap their wings and fly. If they do not flap their wings the mother will catch hold of them take them on her back to a certain height and again let them go off. In this process they learn to fly. Now it is certainly a risk to push the children off the edge, but the mother Eagle knows that unless that is done, they won’t learn to fly. That’s an attitude of a Champion.
When you take risks, in the process you would develop lot of potentials that hitherto were hidden in you. You will learn to flap your wings, you will learn to fly, you will know more of your potentials.
4. Champions fall down only to get up: “When times are tough, champions are made by going on for one more round.” That quote, sums up my next point very well. Champions do face tough times like any one out there but tough times only make them tougher. Champions outlast tough times, as Robert Schuller says, “Tough times do not last but, tough people do.”
There are times of despair, discouragement and downslides in a champion’s life. Champions are laughed at; face derision and cynicism from the people around them. People usually become uncomfortable with a person who goes against the tide. Champions take a different route of discipline, dedication and determination. They become completely focused on achieving their goals and dreams. This calls for criticism from many around them
When on the way Champions fall, people are quick to attack them like blood hounds. They pounce on them at every opportunity they get and try to discourage them. But Champions take all these things in their stride and continue on their path with self belief.
When Champions find that there is no one that can encourage them, they encourage themselves. In Bible, there is an incident when King David of Israel was very discouraged as King Saul sought his life, his family members were taken away by raiding soldiers and his fellowmen rose against him. The Bible tells us that at this time, “David encouraged himself in the Lord.” That’s a mark of a Champion.
A Marathi poet talks of how a tree wood that was cut as fire wood began to blossom again with green leaves, the poet goes on to say that the tree itself was surprised about it’s hidden potential. Yes, Champions find that hidden potential, that connection with the Almighty, that much needed encouragement in tough times and they get up and continue.
5. Champions carry a heart filled with gratitude: Finally, the last mark of a Champion is when they reach their goals and find their dreams realized, they do not forget to come back to the place where they started it all. They come back to give to the society with a heart of gratitude. Champions are always willing to give back with gratitude to their families, friends, their mentors, teachers, their neighborhood, their societies, their nation and their world. They pass on the baton of Championship to upcoming generation through encouragement, guidance and sense of gratitude in their heart.
This is the reason that our world is filled with examples of people like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, Ambedkar, Martin Luther King Jr. etc. Real Champions do not live for themselves but for others. They are like the rose flower that blossom on thorns of obstacles only to give joy to others.
We have examples of the world’s richest people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates giving Billions of Dollars for the welfare of society. It is a great example of Champions who have risen to the peak in business world alighting down from the peak to lend a helping hand to others to climb their own peaks. That’s the mark of a Champion. That’s the heart that Champions carry around, a heart filled with gratitude.
Conclusion: Let me end by reminding you that there is a Champion in you, ready to break forth and reveal himself or herself to the world. Champions are not only those who rise to fame and fortune. Champions are hidden in every one of us single individuals. We have to realize this and work on the above mentioned qualities so that we hewn out the rough edges and sublimate and shape the Champion in us. “Nothing in this world has been ever achieved without enthusiasm and passion.” So my prayer is that this article may ignite the flame of passion and enthusiasm in you that may help you discover the Champion in you and help you to rise above, soar and touch your dreams. I salute the Champion in you. May you be a Champion!
Joy be all yours