Friday, August 13, 2010

Ten tips to make better first impression

Ten tips to make a better first impression
Introduction: Marketing is the order of the day. Whether it is a product advertisement that is bombarded at every commercial break on the Television or marketing your skills and talents for you to acquire that coveted job everyone is into marketing. The youth of today is more conscious about how he or she can make a better first impression in an interview, in a college among friends, or at the annual social function. So here are some tips to make a better first impression:

1. Smile! It only takes 7 muscles to smile while more than 50 to frown. Smile is the cheapest and best cosmetic in the world that would greatly enhance your face – value.

2. Dress: You should dress according to the occasion. If you are a professional or appearing for an interview, formals are a must. College and other casual occasions, you could settle for Casuals. Wear what comforts you and suits you well rather than copying what your Actors wear.

3. Words: You shall be judged by the words of your mouth. This rule applies everywhere. Words are the photo images of what goes on in your heart. So use kind words, avoid invectives at all costs. Use positive and encouraging words so that your personality will become attractive and draw more friends. “Please”, “Sorry”, “Thank you” and “Excuse me” are four magic words that do wonders. Don’t forget to use them appropriately.

4. Appreciate: Appreciate God for giving you life. Appreciate your parents for providing and nurturing you, appreciate your friends for being there when you needed them, appreciate your enemies for they will show what lacks in you, so that you can work on it. Appreciation on lips will be like a sweet honey dripping out of your lips that would draw others to you.

5. Be selfless: Don’t always think of yourself. Don’t pity yourself and your condition. Take time out for others; lend a helping hand to your friends, colleagues, teachers, boss and parents. When you help others, you forget your worries and cares and it greatly enhances your self confidence.

6. Radiate Optimism: It has been now scientifically tested and proved that positive thinkers thrive better than pessimistic people in all areas of their life. Thoughts make a man or woman say the ancient Scriptures. Thoughts will influence your actions, habits, character and destiny. Look at the glass half full, blossom like the rose flower on thorns and make others smile.

7. Read good Literature: “Successful people have libraries; others big Plasma screens in their homes”, says Jim Rohn (Motivational Speaker). Read at least one good book per month that would encourage you to the next level and increase also your vocabulary and knowledge. A well read person stands out of the common crowd. Read self help books, biographies of great personalities and good literature.

8. Play: Get into the habit of playing one game that would give you physical exercise. Take time out daily to jog, play soccer, or squash that would enhance your physique. Exercise will not only keep you in shape, it would relax you mentally and oxygenate your body, giving you better concentration and mental strength.

9. Inculcate good habits: It is a myth that youngsters that smoke and drink look cool. The opposite is true. You would greatly degrade your self image among friends and society by getting into smoking, drugs and drinks. It would also harm your health in the long term. So give up bad habits! Eat healthier food, drink healthier drinks. Good health would naturally attract others.

10. Be yourself: Finally be yourself. Don’t be a copy cat. Clones and clowns have limitations. You are original and unique. Your looks are unique, your skills and talents are unique. You need not be the other. So relax! Don’t waste your time in copying and trying to be the other. Appreciate yourself and be yourself.

Joy be all yours.


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