Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Ways to control your Mental Life

Mind management with the following steps would enhance your life to a greater extent in all areas of your life be it personally, professionally, financially, spiritually or physically. You are supposed to practice the 7 techniques for a period of 3 weeks so that they are ingrained in your subconscious mind and manifest as reality in your life.
1.      Visualization: Our visual images become our reality. What we visualize, we actualize! Visual images intensify our desire and deepen our beliefs. They increase our willpower and build our persistence. When you visualize, you should be sure that you do it frequently, it should be very vivid and clear, it should be backed up by emotional intensity and finally it should the mental image should be held on for a longer period of duration.

2.      Affirmation: Affirmations should follow the 3 P rule. They should be Positive, in Present Tense and Personal. So instead of saying ‘I will be successful one day’ (future tense), you should say, ‘I am successful’ (Present tense). Remember the Subconscious mind doesn’t hear ‘no’. If you say, ‘I don’t want to be in debt’ the Subconscious takes it as, ‘I want to be in debt’.

3.      Verbalization: You should not just affirm but also verbalize or affirm loudly your goals. Anything we say loudly with conviction and enthusiasm has a greater impact on our thinking and subsequent behavior. Also keep your conversation consistent with what you are affirming throughout the day. Refuse to discuss your fears or misgivings.

4.      Acting the Talk: The fourth technique is acting the part. You should walk, talk and behave the person you wish to be. Behave as if you have already achieved the goals you’ve set for yourself. When you do this you are setting the Law of Reversibility in motion. It says that when you feel optimistic and happy you generate actions and behavior consistent with your feelings. If you don’t have the feeling but act and behave ‘as if’ you have them soon you will generate the consequent feelings.

5.      Feeding your Mind: Positive Mental Attitude diet is another essential ingredient to build up mental resilience. We should continuously feed our minds with words and images consistent with the direction we are growing in. We need to read books, magazines, watch videos and hear audios that are educational and uplift our spirits.

6.      Association with Positive People: You are an average of the five people you spend your most time with said Jim Rohn. It is a very true saying. A research tells that our reference group has a bigger say on our success or failure. Associate with people who lift up not tear down. Be selective and aware when you associate with people and make friends.

7.      Teaching Others: Remember you become what you teach and what you teach you are. When we attempt to articulate and teach someone something, we internalize it better ourselves. We really know something to the degree we are able to teach it to someone else.

Mastering our mind is the most essential factor that will decide our success or failure in life. May we all be the masters of our minds, lives and our destinies.