Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Celebrate Today- Choose your life!

Today we have a choice and that is going to decide the outcome of our day. We have a choice to be happy or sad, to be have thougths that are healthy, joyous, blessed and encouraging or the choice is to have thoughts that are ill, depressing, cursed and discouraging. As you wake up from your bed, as you sit for your breakfast, as you speak with your spouse, friends, colleagues and superiors you will always have this choice at your disposal. If the external stimuli from the circumstances and people around you is negative, you have a choice to accept it and spoil your day or you can choose to respond differently by your commitment to happiness, love, blessings and health.
Remember this is a universe of vibrations. You have the higher frequecny of blessedness and the lower of cursedness. You connect to the frequencies by your thoughts. What thoughts are you choosing today? What is your frequency? How is your day today? Remember you have the power to change and influence your day! Choose life today. Celebrate!

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