Saturday, February 18, 2012

Celebrate Today! What do I do?

The weekend is here! I long to be with my family and especially my two year daughter, Jemimah! I have a 3 days break as Monday happens to be one of the major Indian festivals. I look forward to spend time with my family and relax!
But then my seniors at the college where I work want me to come during the weekend as our College Annual function is due. We have extra work to be done to prepare ourselves for it. What do I do?
Well, I find a midway! I tell the authorities that I would be there after completing some of my home duties early in the morning. While doing my duties like getting the cooking gas, doing the bank work, I take my daughter with me, so I can spend some time with her as she enjoys my company and longs to be with me. I finish these duties, promise my wife to go out with them in the evening (my wife is very supportive) and then I dash off to the college where I will try to complete the extra work sitting with my seniors.
The point I am making is this, in every given circumstances we have choice, and on our choices depends our destiny. When I give my extra to the workplace, the seniors would realize my importance and it will establish my good will and way for progress at the workplace but while doing this I also take care not to hamper my family life. I make sure to spend whatever time I can with them.
Friends as Jack Canfield says Event + Response = Outcome. So next time don't react but respond intelligently to situations or events you face. Take Responsibility and responsibility is nothing but our ability to choose our response!  Happy Weekend! 

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