Saturday, February 11, 2012

Celebrate Today! What's in a name?

What's in a name? You know these words by the famous Dramatist of all times, Shakespeare. I would prefer to differ and say that the way we name things or people means everything. We should be careful how we name things, people or circumstances for that matter. Many times the tendency is to name with a high intensity toward the negative. So when you try something and fail you may call yourself 'hopeless', or facing a seeming crises you may shout, 'I am done for!' You may call your child who does some mistake as 'donkey'. Friends, words have power to make or break!
Today try to nominate things you encounter with better option, instead of 'difficulty' call it 'challenge' or even 'opportunity', instead of 'wrong' call it 'different from the given standard', instead of 'I am okay' say 'I am doing great.' Instead of saying to somebody 'you are wrong',  say 'you are different from the given standard.' Your words will have power to govern over your life, somebody else's life or even govern the situation you are facing. It will make you feel better, make you  believe in your ability and most important impart joy and life to others and help you turn around the situation in your favor.

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