Friday, February 17, 2012

Celebrate Today! Walking over the waves

Our mind when calm is very much like the peaceful waters. When the water is peaceful, you can safely sail over it to get to your destination. But when the mind is turbulent like the troubled waves, then it takes you and throw you where it wills. Though I respect turbulent times as they saying goes, "Calm waters never made skillful sailors." But mastering the waves is a skill and so is mastering your mind. When you learn to quieten your mind, you are on a higher frequency, closer to the intelligence and leading of your Sub-conscious mind. A calm mind makes you master over yourself while a troubled mind will master you and lead you waywardly.
How do we calm our minds? Take regular Quiet Time in the morning, read something inspirational, practice deep breathing and meditation, listen to soft music, wander early in the midst of nature and just admire the beauty around you. Great people like Jesus did miracles like walking on water, that was the picture of his mind so calm and connected to God that he was a Master over himself. So the question arises, Do we choose to master ourselves today or be the slaves of our mind's whims and fancies? Here's a great saying from the Bible,
"One who conquers himself is better than one who conquers cities." Quieten your mind, master it, be a conqueror!

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