Monday, March 19, 2012

Celebrate Today- Bounce back!

I remember some author say it so well, "There are no failures; only lessons!". I used to watch this T.V. serial on Drug Addiction. A youth gets into college and bad company, does drugs, his life is totally destroyed, so is his family. He has problems all around and to top it now his health which is totally dependent on drugs. He wants to escape from his problems and take a train to the last station in India. He reaches there after days of journey, alights and finds another youth like him. He asks, "Is this the last station of India?" The wise youth replies, "It is as you see, from the other end which you came it is the last, from this end it is the first." Those words still hit me hard when I feel it is the end of the road. I take courage in the words which tell me to change my perspective and make a new beginning. Friends, are you encountering some failures, don't give up, change your outlook, start again. Failures aren't final and finally if you bounce back you aren't a failure. Celebrate Today, bounce back! 

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