Thursday, April 5, 2012

Celebrate Today- Facing Adversity

Turbulent times bring the best in great people. What is inside is given a way to come out when we face adversity. Good Friday commemorates the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. When the world around him was  at their worst, Christ was at his best even when he hung on nails on the cross! Look at his words, "Father forgive them...", "Today you shall be with me in paradise", "Father into thy hands..."
Why couldn't adversity shake Jesus? The truth is Christ's perspective was subjective rather than objective. In simple words, he was more focused on working inside rather than looking what he faced outside. That's the hallmark of all great people of the world. The inner re-engineering is more important than complaining and whining and hitting out at the situations outside. Work on the inside first and you will find that you will emerge better and stronger person which will in turn have repercussions outside. Let me end with the very wise words of Stephen Covey, "Anytime you think the problem is outside; the thought is the problem." 

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