Saturday, April 7, 2012

Celebrate Today- Celebrate your Resurrection!

Christ was called by two titles, Son of Man and Son of God. It tells us that he had the perfect combination of the human and the divine. When he was crucified on the cross, it refers to his humanity (the divine can never cease to be). His physical body died but then on the 3rd day the Bible says he was resurrected! Now watch, his physical body was transformed, it could transcend the limits of the physical, tangible world, it was not the same. What does this signify?
We all need to die to our tangible, physical realities (which are limited to 5 senses) and be resurrected to the awareness that we are divine, when we realize this we know we have a resurrection, a transformation from the limited to the unlimited, from the human to divine, from death to life eternal. That encourages us to celebrate Easter or the Resurrection in its true sense, Christ was our prototype in that sense. When you face some adverse condition today, remember don't limit your identity to only what is physical and tangible reality, proclaim your I am, you are divine being, realize this and once you realize this you can overcome any obstacle that you face now, that's resurrection in true sense! 

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