Monday, March 5, 2012

Celebrate Today- Fill your cup with love!

Many times we fight against the negative forces. We try to push hard against hatred, jealousy, anger and other ills of life. The more we do so, the more we empower them for now our focus is more on the negative things and their power over our lives. When a glass is filled with muddy water and you desire clear and clean water, what do you do? You take clean water and keep pouring till the muddy water overflows out of the glass and the glass is again filled with the clean water! You don't fight against the muddy or go on struggling to locate the mud and how it go there. The law says the glass cannot be empty if you fill it with muddy water or clean water, it has to be occupied with something. If you fill it half the other half would be filled with gases. So our duty is to keep on pouring the things we desire! Pour in love and hatred will run out, pour in confidence and fear will take flight, pour in joy and sorrow will be shown the door. So don't struggle keep pouring your cup of life with love, joy, peace and goodness and you don't have to worry of the negative forces for they will have no room to occupy your life. So celebrate today, fill your cup, you know with what.

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