Friday, November 23, 2012

Ask, Seek, Knock!

I have been always fascinated with the Biblical verse in the Gospel of Matthew 7:7 where Jesus says, "Ask and it will be given, seek and you will find and knock and it will be open to you." Here I intend to throw a light that can help us to grab the potential of this verse and apply it to our everyday situations to better our lives.

Ask and it will be given: You ask somebody for something and you get it. At the outset this is what the verse seems to be indicating. But let's have an inside-out approach. To be an effective person, the first step is to ask ourselves, our higher consciousness as to what exactly that we want in life. The answer to that will be our vision and purpose in life! This is what Stephen Covey in his '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' terms as 'Begin with an end in mind.' When you ask the question as to why are you here on the planet earth, you will experience an paradigm shift and start to devote your energies and life for a nobler, better and higher purpose. Ask and it will be given unto you!

Seek and you will find: The next clause asks us to seek. What do we seek? We seek the right perspective of  now achieving our vision and purpose in life. You got to visualize yourselves as already having reached that purpose and vision in life. Visualization will lead you to actualization. It will help you to find right people and resources that can help you achieve your dreams in life. See things in the right perspective. See with hope in you mind's eyes, be wise enough to know what to overlook and what to focus on! Seek and you will find!

Knock and will be opened unto you: The last clause is action oriented. The first one was a meditative oriented step. The next was again an inside out approach, a right brain activity which deals with creating your world and than seeing its fruition. But the bridge from visualization to its fruition in real life is the bridge of taking appropriate actions in tune with your vision and goals in life. When the right opportunities show up, the right connections come along your way, you got to grab them and take action. You got to be proactive. You got to organize and execute around your priorities. You got to probably write down your schedule and see that you are spending most of your time in activities in tune with your higher purpose in life. Knock and the door will be opened for you!

There it is Jesus is giving us the formula of effectiveness in life. Let's sum it up by saying, "Delve deeper, Design deliberately  and Do dedicatedly! 

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