Friday, October 26, 2012

Create your own day!

Create your own day!

If you don’t be the creator and master over your today, somebody else or circumstance will create and master you. So how do you create your day? Here are a few tips:
1.      Pray to God: Knowing that the Universal force is backing you, God is on your side, will give you assurance and courage to face whatever comes in the day. “If God be for us, who can be against us?”

2.      Visualize: What we visualize, we actualize! Imagination is the sole privilege of human beings. Use your imagination and visualize your perfect day. See your superiors happy with your work, see that you are giving your very best, see that you are smiling, happy and healthy. Once the sub conscious receives this visualized picture, it will start acting on your day and your actions will be guided to do and be the same.

3.      Exercise and eat a healthy breakfast: Your body is the temple that houses God. Keep it fit, nurture it with the best. Jog, run, or hit the tread-mill. Eat a wholesome, healthy breakfast. It will fuel your energy for the day.

4.      Step out with love: Love everything that comes across your day, people, circumstances, jobs etc. Love is the Midas touch that transforms ordinary things to extraordinary. Don’t judge, just love

5.      Give your best shot: Whatever you come across in the day, just give your best shot to it. It may be meeting clients, delivering a presentation, working on a project, listening to a lecture etc. However insignificant you think it is, give your best shot. Don’t think of yesterday with regret or anticipate trouble for future. Concentrate on the day and the work in your hands.

6.      Gratitude: Let your memories be filled with gratitude. Whenever you find time to contemplate, think how blessed you are to have a family who loves you, a job to provide for your needs, friends, opportunities. Many may be wishing to be in your place. Thank God and be grateful to everyone and everything that you come across.

7.      Better yourself: The best competition you can have is with yourself. Try to be a better person, a better family man or woman, a better employee or better boss, better student, better sportsman, artist etc. Read, undergo coaching, classes or other things that can help you to sharpen your skills. Remember what Edmund Hillary said, “It’s not about conquering mountains, it’s about conquering ourselves.”  

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