Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Lost Keys

The Lost Keys!

A man was frantically searching for his lost keys on a road. Other passerby offered to help him. Both of them kept on looking for the keys for quite a long time but to no avail. At last, the passerby asked him, “Where exactly did you lose your keys?” “I lost them in my house actually”, replied the man to the surprise of the passerby. “But as there is good amount of street light here, I am searching for them here!

Well we all know this humorous story. But if we go behind the story, we will be able to know that it carries grains of truth that describes our lives. We usually look for happiness, success, God outside. We feel the key to success, happiness and knowing God is out there! We are lured by the attractions of the world, rituals, culture, gadgets, heroes and spiritual leaders. But the truth is that we need to look deeper in ourselves. Happiness, success and God is within us. We are made in the image of God. When we look closer, we will find that we have all the potential in ourselves despite the conditions without for being happier, enlightened and successful! So have you found the lost keys, yet? 

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  1. Read your article today.
    Its wonderful interpretation!
    We often miss this message.