Friday, July 27, 2012

Faster, Higher, Stronger- London Olympics 2012

Citius, Altius, Fortius! The Latin words which is the perennial motto for Olympics means Faster, Higher Stronger. As the London Olympics kick off today with the grand opening ceremony and continue till 12th August, 2012, the motto are symbolic in reminding us of what life is all about!

"Great dreamers' dreams are never fulfilled, they are always transcended." This quote of Alfred Lord Whitehead, says it all. If you carefully analyse the motto, you will find that the words are comparative adjectives. It makes us think why not just adjectives or for that matter, why not the superlatives- fastest, highest and strongest? Life is all about growing continuously. It is about inching further from the place where you were yesterday. It can be compared to the river water that is continuously making its way and progressing to reach the vast stream of ocean. 

It cannot be fastest, highest, and strongest. If we had the record set for all times in events like the the 100 meters dash or for the high-jump and nobody had been able to break it, the games would have better discontinued. Every athlete and sportsperson competes dreaming to better the set world record. Last time Michael Phelps bettered the record of seven golds won by Mark Spitz in swimming events. He went to to win 8 gold medals for his country. This year you can expect some other swimmer better that! Once life is standstill it is no better than cold death! It has to go on. 

The lesson from the motto as we enjoy the games at London this year is this, first, if you have not done satisfactorily yesterday, you can better it today, so forget the past. Second, you can never reach a place where you say, 'this is it, I am now the best and there lies nothing to better'. Remember if you reach the pinnacle of the mountain, the next moment you have to retrace you steps downwards back. 

So friends, don't wallow in you laurels or failures of yesterday and keep on inching forward. Keep on reaching faster, higher, and stronger! That's what Olympics is all about and that's what life is all about too!

Joy be all yours.

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