Thursday, May 24, 2012

“Imagination is the preview of things to come”

I am having a hot cup of tea and enjoying every sip as I savor the taste. A few minutes ago, I had a thought in my mind, a vivid image of drinking a cup of tea to ward off my sluggishness so that I am rejuvenated to resume my work again. The image I held into my mind now is a reality as I go to the kitchen and ask the cook to serve me a cup and after a few minutes I am holding the cup in my hand. Let’s go reverse through this simple process to take a stock of how imagination works in our lives. I am holding a cup of tasty tea cup and savoring it. Before this I had told the cook to serve me a cup of tea. Before I told him, I had a image in my mind of drinking a cup of tea to ward off my sluggishness at work. Before the image, came the thought!
What I want to point to you is that everything actualizes when we take an appropriate action on the image and thought we hold in our minds. It’s true with simple things like drinking a cup of tea or with bigger things like building a big business empire or designing a space ship. God has bestowed humankind with this unique ability to imagine the outcome, take action by faith and see the blueprint of imagination actualize into veracity. Below are some tips, I am delineating that would help you to see your dreams turn into reality:

1.      Decide what you want. Describe your ideal life.

2.      Write down goals for every are of your life: Family, Professional, Health, Education, Spiritual etc.

3.      Paste some pictures on a vision board that would remind you of your goals all the time.

4.      Everyday spend some time visualizing your goals as achieved by silencing your mind.

5.      Feel the emotions of joy, exhilaration, satisfaction, love as you visualize.

6.      As you go through this exercise, work on any bright idea that pops up to take you towards your goal.

7.      Live and breathe gratitude for the past, present and things to come.

It’s my belief that if you follow these simple steps delineated above, you will experience the miracle of seeing your dreams turn into reality. In other words, from now your world will turn out to be magical! 

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