Thursday, July 15, 2010

You are the best!

You are the best!

You are unique! You are the one of your kind. You are incomparable. You are the best person and no one can replace you. Look at yourself in the mirror and shout, “I am the best, I am unique, I am blessed” and believe me you are! That’s what you are in God’s eyes who wonderfully and fearfully made you. But we tend to believe in what the people around us say or what our societies nominate us, or what the religion brands us. If you are like me, you would rather brood on one negative comment than other 99 positive comments you heard about yourself. Yes, we are inclined to hear and believe and then act on the negative comments that we hear from around us. Does this mean that negative words are more powerful than the positive ones? Not at all! But here’s the truth, you empower that which you give attention to. In this article, I want you to realize that no matter where you, how you look, and what you have gone through, you are the best person in the world. That is what this article is all about. It will instill the faith in you why you should believe that you are best!

You are the one of your kind: Remember out of the 6.8 billion people in the world, you are one and you are different. There is no one like you. In other words, you are unique, you are special. Scientists tell us that at the mother’s womb when you were being formed and taking shape there would have been millions of other possibilities where you could have been born as someone else but out of those all possibilities you are the chosen one. Many times we become paranoid about wanting to be the other person. Especially young people copy their heroes and stars, they try to imitate them and act and behave as their famous stars do. It shows that most of us are not aware that we are unique, we are special and we need not be someone other. The heroes and stars may be unique and famous but remember that we can never be them and they can never be you or someone else. If we could be someone else, we would just be clones of that person and I don’t think that clones are respected and awed by people as much as the real stars. So don’t be a clone, be the original. Celebrate that God has made you as a unique personality. None can be compared to you; you are uniquely bestowed with some special qualities that others do not possess. In nature we have different types of animals and birds, they have different abilities. Birds fly, fish swim and cheetahs run quicker. They do not try to imitate others, they know their potentials and are content with it and remain happy. So be the original, enjoy your uniqueness.

You are bestowed with special abilities: What are some things that you are good at? What are your strengths? Think of that! This world is full of examples of people who were bestowed with unique abilities. Picasso was a great painter, Beethoven a great musician, Pele a great football player, Lata Mangeshkar a great singer, Sachin Tendulkar a great batsman, Pythagoras a great mathematician, Einstein a great scientist and you a great ……………. . You may say “O’ don’t include me in that hall of fame.” But it’s not I but God that has made you with great abilities. He still counts you with all those giants in the hall of fame. But many times we don’t realize our potentials, our uniqueness, our abilities and what we are good at. We let it die inside of us while we are living in this world or the story would have been different. Many others including you could be counted with those examples given above. Do you realize this? Does this excite and move you? Remember you are the best because you are bestowed with unique qualities and abilities that others do not possess. It may be as simple as the ability to connect to people and make friends. But you are bestowed with some abilities and you have to discover that and let it blossom and bud so that you realize your full potential. Sometimes we require other people like our friends, our colleagues to help us realize that unique potential in us. Sometimes we discover it in times of emergencies. Sometimes it is obvious to us and others from our childhood. Whatever the way, but it is necessary that we realize that from our childhood we are gifted in some way or the other and it is our duty to realize this and use our abilities to make this world a better place.

You have it in you to overcome all obstacles in your path: On planet earth, we all have our share of obstacles, difficulties and problems to face. Many people get overwhelmed by the problems that show up in their lives. They get bitter and forget to blossom and bud to their full potential that God has bestowed in them. But then there are those few heroes who rise above the obstacles that are thrown in their path. Obstacles don’t deter them and put them down but rather motivate these people to do better, to rise to next level. I read a quote just the other day around, “Champions do not have cereals for breakfast; they have obstacles” We do not call a person who shies away from obstacles a champion, do we? But champions are those who go through the grit and grind and come out as a better person, putting behind the bruises and wounds that the event has left on them. Champions are those who are willing to run the extra mile even though they are only promised Blood, Sweat and Tears! But God, Nature or the Universe has designed each one of us to be a champion through the process of evolution. It is by going through the grit and grind of the obstacles and difficulties that we grow. Only by standing on thorns and not giving up to blossom that a rose flower can be called as the king of all flowers. A small child has in it the ability to walk and run, but if it refuses to walk because it falls down, it would be rendered paralyzed. In the same way we have to realize that God has put in us the ability to go through and overcome the difficulties that are strewn on our path. We may fall down, we may fail but when we get up and learn from our failures we emerge a better, stronger and nobler person. The pleasure of being crowned a Champion is more thrilling than the pain of practice, learning and failures and that’s what should we focus at to overcome the obstacles in our path so that each one of us would emerge a champion. Remember, you have in you all that is necessary to overcome the obstacles. “If God has brought you to it; he will also take you through it.”

You have a bright future: Finally, you are the best because a whole world of opportunities is spread out before you. Your future is going to better than your past. Most of the people have the habit of looking back in the past and cribbing that the good old days have passed. At every stage of life, we keep on feeling the same. But what we don’t realize that our best days are now and ahead of us and not behind. Where you are now, you will look back some day and say O those were the good old days. So remember the best time is now and in the coming time. If you have the right attitude, the right thoughts, and you are willing to take the right actions then surely your best days are waiting to unfold in a pleasant way before you. No matter what you have gone through, no matter where you are and no matter how many bitter experiences and failures you have experienced. The poet Robert Browning gives us wisdom when he says, “Grow old along with me for the best is yet to be, the last of life for which the first was made. Our times are in his hands who said, “A whole I planned, youth shows but half; Trust God: See all be not afraid.” People who realize this grow old gracefully and always look at the future with hope in their eyes. So give up the habit of looking back, history is to be a pointer of future direction to us. It should not be the way to be taken. It should act as a guide or teacher what we should do or not do while proceeding to our future. So let your past be your teacher to learn from, let your present be motivator to move ahead and the future a goal and focus. If you realize this you will realize your dreams in life, you will achieve your goals, life would seem to you a romantic experience and you will be in love with your life and you will hold you head high up and deep down in your heart, you will know, you are the best!

Conclusion: So friends, I believe that you have realized that you are unique, you have potentials, you are made for a purpose and that purpose is to lead a purposeful life and leave behind a legacy to be followed by our posterity. Rise up, awake! You are the best, you are one of your kind, you are bestowed with special talents, you have it in you to overcome all obstacles in your path, you are destined to be great and have a better future. So the next time you see yourself in the mirror, know that you are watching a person who is a star, who is a celebrity, who is a champion. Know that you are indeed the best and you are made to realize and taste the best! All the best!

Joy be all yours

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